How Do You Give A Girl Good Head

If you try searching “how to satisfy women in bed” in a search engine or any key words centered on the same though for that matter, you would for sure see “oral sex” in most if not all search results. Fact of the matter is, less than a third of women climax during intercourse. So best you start exercising your tongue now so as to practice giving your girl good head.

First thing to know is that the vulva is very much more complicated than the penis. Everything about the penis is out there in plain view. The vulva however has lips and tongues and little buttons and spongy areas that are hidden. Make sure your equipped with enough knowledge and curiosity when you start your expedition down there.


The vulvas outer portion are namely the mons, which the top mound where the pubic hair starts; the outer lips or the labia majora, which is connected to the mons and runs downwards, looks like a pair of fleshy vertical lips. When you open these glorious lips you will find the inner lips called labia minora, they may look like thin tongues or flower petals, depending on your aesthetic perspective, now these lips contains a lot of nerves that will aid in sexual pleasure sp do not ignore them when giving her head; when you open the inner lips, you will find the vestibule which is the slit that runs from the perineum and ends by meeting the mons, herein lies the vaginal opening, the urinary opening and the glorious clitoris.

Now let us pay homage to the beautiful clitoris. This little beauty’s sole purpose is to give a woman sexual pleasure. It contains twice as much nerve endings than a male’s penile head. But wait there’s more, she -the clitoris’s nerves are connected to 15,000 nerves in the woman’s pelvic region, that is the reason why a female orgasm is a series of pelvic contractions that radiates through her body.

To give her wonderful pleasure, read Lick by Lick by America’s most romantic guy and world renowned sex expert Michael Webb. This book will take you in deeper inside female sexuality and you will learn how to make her writhe, moan and scream your name in delight. It will make your ABC’s and 123’s take on a very sexy meaning. Learn the 8 components of the vulva and how to stimulate each one of these components to give your woman unbelievable pleasure. She will not only be asking you for more sex, but she will be more into sex and lose her inhibitions hence performing better, for hers and your satisfaction.

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For more ways to please your girl check out How To Give A Girl Head and How To Please A Woman Orally.Author: Dana A Wesley


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