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AmolGlobalization has brought the world closer than ever before. Businesses that were a reality only in the developed nations are now seeing another side altogether. Developing countries are nowslowly and gradually taking to build up their own small setups. Moreover, a small setup does not mean a small business. Most multinational companies were started from scratch and have a multi-million dollar turnover today.However, an important aspect besides the nature of the business is the location. While some countries are extremely favorable to start something new, others may fall short of many important and vital necessities that are required in the process. One such country located inAsia is Singapore. A vibrant destination, both in terms of going for a holiday or for the set-up of a firm, Singapore has plenty to offer for everyone. Business setup in Singapore is comparatively simplified due to the large number of individuals who come to the country for opportunities and have over a period of time, largely contributed to the business domain. The country especially boasts of a well-developed infrastructure, ease of material and labor availability and global investors making it an ideal environment for a company setup in Singapore. One of the busiest ports in the world, Singapore is an ocean of opportunities for those who are willing to put in sheer dedication and hard work to make their dreams a reality. In short, Singapore is the perfect kick-start to your business, given one gets the right guidance from the beginning. One such company that helps small businesses to commence is ’80 Startups.’ Conceived with a view to help industries expand their business in Singapore, this one has lent its services to numerous startups that have successfully grown into value-generating firms today. With a lot of experience and a whole lot of commitment to their clientele, the company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making a startup flourish. On its website, www.80startups.com the firm has several plans that clients can choose from to grow their business. Their three primary plans are: Expand to Singapore Fund Startup Incubate StartupWith comprehensive steps and in-depth analysis of each segment, the firm targets companies who often lack basic yet vital knowledge for starting their business in Singapore. However, the plans designed cover the minutest details, are simple to understand and provide an excellent base to help new business owners recognize how to go about in the market of their choice and slowly get to the top. On their official website, 80 startups also have an online talk assistant who can help you with queries on what they offer, how can it help you and other small questions. However, to know about them in depth, it is recommended to call them and connect with one of the experts in the field to apprehend their offerings completely.The company also provides details about workshops and events that are held in different countries, allowing their clients to sign up for them for an added lesson in business startups and related fields.How to Expand my businessInternational business expansion

Amol has helped with the incubation of more than 10 startup ideas from idea stage to MVP.He has been CTO for successful startups in Asia

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