Ideas For Marble Patio Designs


Planning a new patio space in your home is a very exciting time. While in the past patios tended to be rather small and typically square or rectangular in shape, today they are true outdoor living spaces with their own unique designs. A marble patio, or a travertine patio, is a great option for any shape, theme, or style of patio you are considering.

One of the reasons a marble patio is such as good option is that it is a durable, natural product. As many consumers are increasingly aware of green construction and environmentally friendly products, it is worth noting this patio will last a lifetime. You will never have to replace it and, with minimal care, it will keep looking beautiful, natural and inviting throughout decades of use.

Unique Combinations

With a travertine or marble patio there are unique combinations and design opportunities to consider. For instance, you can select a very uniformly colored marble with minimal lines and colored veins throughout the tile. This will provide a cool, classic look which is also great for modern or European styles of designs.

A marble patio featuring the bolder patterns and designs of rich reds, golds and blues and grays, often inviting an impression of the waves of the sea or the leaves in the fall can add drama and highlight the colors of your home.

Another option is to choose a tumbled marble patio paver with significant and noticeable color variations. This will create a pattern within the tile itself which will be unique to your patio, deck or poolside area.

Traditional Design

A very traditional type of tiling pattern for a travertine and square feet, with the result being a layout of tiles with a subtle repeating pattern without the straight lines associated with traditional tiling options.

Regardless of the colors or the tiling pattern you select, you will love your marble patio and pool area. As a true investment and beauty that is also very practical, you will enjoy your pool area for casual events and entertaining, and your marble pavers will always match your event style perfectly.


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