How To Make Homemade Carp Fishing Boilies For Winter To Defeat Readymade Baits Part 1!

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How To Make Homemade Carp Fishing Boilies For Winter To Defeat Readymade Baits Part 1!


Tim F. RichardsonImprove your catches and think more like a sharper carper! This article offers expert tips to empower you to make superior homemade boilies which will catch big fish in winter and summer conditions! Designing homemade baits to beat readymade baits can be as simple or complex as you decide. Complex tips, bait secrets and some simpler guidance too are included here to get you catching more big fish this year; so read on now!

A bait as simple as bread paste obviously works and the old British record carp of 44 pounds was caught on this bait by Richard Walker. If you ask the question of why this bait actually attracted this fish and stimulated into feeding then you get a crucial list of properties, characteristics and factors of an all year round bait successful in all conditions! We can use all these things and more as a guide to designing better more successful, more functionally optimised boilies, pastes, stick and spod mixes, particle mixes, ground baits, pop up baits, pellets and so on!

The first point about bread is that it easily becomes solution in water so that carp can detect it using their multiple sensory systems. The second point is about the ingredients of bread and what these do to carp senses to stimulate them, both externally and internally when in solution. This subject is incredibly significant and is as thought provoking as how water reactive bread and its constituents are, and their impacts on fish senses, metabolism, digestion, energy release, mood altering capacities and much more besides!

Just to give you a hint as to what is coming up, I can make baits which last internally intact and incredibly functionally optimised and maximised for external and internal impacts on carp and water reactivity with zero heating, and this really means absolutely no cooking, heating, boiling or steaming, of any kind. These are truly optimised baits on a huge range of functional levels and vital nutritional and stimulatory factors!

These homemade baits need heating as they are designed to become exactly what is required in the water! No boiled, steamed, or heated bait that coagulates can be truly termed optimised for nutritional stimulation and such baits are very far from being optimised for functional performance. This is a huge reason why I do not use readymade baits; you can make homemade baits work better on a wide range of levels!

Based on the bread and bread paste example, perhaps think about bait from this starting point first. Bread is composed of a number of significantly soluble components which can easily be detected by carp in all water temperatures. The second point is that many of the constituents of bread contain components that carp are highly sensitive too and likely to be attracted towards and to actively feed on and repeatedly consume!

The bulk of wheat bread is based on wheat flour, and more particularly this form of wheat flour is termed as soft and is water soluble clouding up water even when mixed with cold water. This test is something for you to think about because if the baits you use do not easily have a significant impact on the water around then they will not be outstanding baits compared to what is actually possible to create and use!

Bread is an instant bait no matter which country it happens to be used in and in fact many of its constituents are used in many bait recipes around the world. The bulk of bread consists of soluble soft wheat flour. The commercial carp fishing bait industry uses a form of hard wheat, called durum wheat, which is commonly called semolina. This is a cheap binder and a supply of carbohydrate and energy to fish and makes baits functionally bind firmer and it is a relatively insoluble ingredient.

Semolina is a very cheap binder and a big part of how bait companies can make a large percentage of their profits and it is used in even the most advanced boilie recipes as valuable carbohydrate to assist carp to utilise protein rich ingredients and additives etc more completely, as well as adding other properties such as hardening and firming baits.


For over 30 years I have made homemade baits based on a variety of components and know that carbohydrate based boilies can be made to be very potent in many ways, but I would never now make a bait based on carbohydrates. Such baits often struggle in certain situations depending upon the water, but especially where baits with a richly stimulating nutritional profile are regularly introduced in volumes. To beat readymade baits it is far better to utilise various angles of attack within your bait design so you hit carp senses on multiple levels simultaneously so your baits are optimised for stimulation and maximised for functional potency in solution!

I do not suggest you start out making baits based on carbohydrates such as semolina or soft bread making wheat flour because this would not be the most optimised way at all, and certainly not the most maximised single angle or approach to designing homemade baits that you can expect to defeat the vast majority of more well designed readymade baits!

If I suggested to you that you make a paste using soft wheat flour as used in bread making (mixed with water only,) and compared this to a paste formed with semolina and water, then you will find that each ingredient has different functional properties. You probably cannot make a more simple bait than this, yet it will catch fish! Do not underestimate simple baits in their incredibly diverse forms!

Bread paste was used to balance the bread crust on the hook which Richard Walker used to catch his 44 pound record.

So if such a bait is so basic and simple how could this possibly catch the biggest carp caught in Britain? Part of the attraction and stimulation can be seen in recipes even today and include yeast, sugar, salt, oil with the bulk ingredient being soft soluble wheat flour. If you have had a varied fishing background then you will clearly recognize how fish are attracted to bread, including anything from roach and rudd, chub and dace, crucian carp and gold fish, koi carp, tench, bream, grass carp and of course Cyprinus carpio in the common, mirror and leather forms.

The basic need of fish is for vital energy. Fish require amino acids to sustain respiration and metabolism and also optimum digestive functioning and immunity and physiological balancing of cellular pressures and passage of amino acids, hormones, nutrients and waste products etc, and calories from bread is converted to sugar within the body of the fish for basic energy to fuel survival.

Fish and humans are hard wired to provide for vital energy for survival so this means that fish will readily feed on carbohydrates and sugars and oils of an amazing variety. Of course wheat flour does contain a low amount of amino acids so this can figure a little in the equation, but if I personally wish to supply water soluble feeding triggers and protein for nutrition I choose very specific ingredients and additives and extracts for this purpose for optimising my baits.

As you probably are well aware, the basic food of humans around the world is carbohydrate food. This is wheat and other such seeds and grains and even pulse and bean derived flours and meals etc in the western world, as well as parts of the Asia, the Americas and so on. Also other sources include maize, rice and many other far lesser known foods, including amaranth and even hemp.

I make this point because in some parts of the world indigenous peoples do not merely use conventional breads and flours. Some make bread using chick pea flour; some make bread or patties from other materials including whatever is available in the locality, maybe mountainous terrain or jungle or whatever thrives there in those conditions. This includes spirulina (blue green algae,) tiger nuts, soya beans and hemp among many others. Each forms of bread has its own stimulatory set of nutrients and bioactive factors etc and this is where the link with making carp baits really comes in!

We have the same basic forms of sensory systems in many ways as carp and literally carp as ancient teleost fish are a part of our ancient ancestor heritage. This is very interesting because many bait components we use very successfully are also much liked by humans. We happen to use water covered sensory receptor sites because we live in air and not in water any longer and our senses are massively less sensitive to substances mixed with air or water compared to many other creatures including carp and dogs for instance. The important point here is that we can leverage this acute sensitivity to our advantage in endless ways to catch many more fish!

Carp detect certain substances down to as little as a few parts in a billion in solution (mixed with water.) In my early days of carp fishing in the seventies I honed my skills by making homemade baits for small carp and crucian carp. The first baits I used were chopped worm, maggots, and of course I used white and brown breads in many ways. It was very obvious that if you mixed Marmite or honey or a chemical flavour with the bread then you could change catch results dramatically especially on days when conditions were not perfect.

I am talking about bread here to keep the principle simple which is that it is a substance containing minimal amounts of water soluble components to which carp are highly sensitive. Notice that both bread and Marmite contain salt. Of course I used sweetcorn too and like bread it is rich in easily digestible water soluble carbohydrates and also contains a percentage of protein, but the modern genotypes which are super sweet sweetcorn contain more sugars and really are truly enhanced by natural sugars stimulatory to carp.

To take advantage of the fact that carp are stimulated to sweetcorn you will find that mixing liquidised sweetcorn and bread to form a paste is an instant bait and presents both baits together in a unique form.

This idea is a very simple one but is the kind of creative innovation that will keep any homemade bait maker ahead of wary carp! It is in creative innovation, and the exploiting of the acute sensitivities of carp and knowledge of substances that trigger responses of carp, from initial gulping and filter feeding to intense repetitive consumption of bait that can be produced via your bait designs. Some bait designs exploit the fact that carp will test new objects and substances in their environment if not found to be a danger or a threat, and so massively over flavoured baits made with cheap carbohydrate ingredients have fooled many carp.

Richard Walker was a highly methodical, and extremely intelligent and innovative, creative angler. Bread is attractive to many species. Having read a chapter in a book from that time by Fred Taylor who was present at the capture of the record fish, he suggested that to catch carp you needed the following items: a strong rod and fixed spool real, a pair of rod rests, an audible bite indicator or foil or bread dough bobbin indicator, 10 pound line, a big sharp hook, a large landing net, and bread or boiled potato for bait. Carp were fished for using no weight on the line and the aim was to present as little resistance as possible to a wary feeding fish.

But what makes this interesting is that the bread offers soluble stimulation and attraction to the fish, as does the carbohydrate rich quite easily water soluble potato. Ebook readers of mine have told me that in New Zealand potato flour, and potato starch are used as the bulk binders very successfully in carp baits there. This echoes my first special carp bait paste which included vanilla flavoured, sugar and milk powder enhanced custard powder which primarily was compose of maize starch.

I have made successful pastes that include bread of various kinds even today, and many modern types of bread made to be gluten free contain some very stimulating substances to exploit!

Wheat lectin, and wheat gluten intolerance and super sensitivity is a cause of many common diseases today and I gave up eating wheat bread about 6 years ago to avoid any possible further development of wheat gluten and wheat lectin intolerances and hyper sensitivities in future.

Fish are different to humans in that they have a varied diet including natural food items alongside carp baits and I am certain this is why carp diseases related to bad carp bait design are not as obvious as they could be. However the use of high oil pellets and oil glugging of boilies and use of very oily fish meals and high usage inclusions of bulk oils has definitely given many big fish liver problems and you can spot this by the bulges sticking out of the flanks of altogether far too many big carp today!

Many oils make baits almost useless in winter as they can literally become solid and lock up the soluble and digestible elements of your baits so choose wisely and use liquid lecithin alongside any lipids, oils, essential oils and other compounds etc that can be helpfully emulsified to make baits far more easily detected and digested!

Low oil use at perhaps a 5 percent inclusion is all that is required in very many carp bait recipes, depending on the oil and fat content of your various ingredients, especially the oily marine and fish ones for instance; so please do remember this when making your baits.

Fish health and future longevity is the responsibility of each and every angler. Of course by making health and natural balance orientated homemade baits, carp will have the health and vitality and energy to feed more, so you will catch far nicer fish more often now and in the future! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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