How To Pack Your Wardrobe To Avoid Dreaded Wrinkles}

How to Pack Your Wardrobe to Avoid Dreaded Wrinkles


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When packing clothing, it can seem impossible to get everything in there without damaging expensive garments, permanently altering their shape, and incurring dreaded wrinkles. Whether you are moving, heading to a wedding, or taking a much-needed vacation, wardrobe packing doesnt have to be a source of stress or dread. Follow these tips and tricks for a stress-free trip with wrinkle-free clothes.

Be Smart about What and How You Pack

When packing clothes, the first step is to evaluate what you are packing. Certain clothing items pack better than others, so keep that in mind when planning your wardrobe. Dont bring unnecessary items, and evaluate each piece before putting it in your suitcase or carry-on. Mix and match items for maximum use for example, separate shirts and skirts can be mixed to create several outfits, while dresses can only be worn as one piece. The more space you save in your suitcase, the less crammed and stuffed your clothing items will be.

Packing Cubes or Other Separators


Once you have decided on what you will bring, dont just stuff everything into the large compartment of your suitcase. A well-organized bag will keep you from upending it each time you need a certain item of clothing, keeping things cleaner and less wrinkled throughout your trip. Packing cubes, smaller bags, organizing pockets, and even gallon Ziploc bags can help you keep items separated by their intended use and function. Keep toiletries and undergarments together, delicates separated from other items, and so forth. This will protect items in addition to keeping them organized. Tissue paper can also be a great separator. Use it to protect delicate items, folding them up to keep them safe and sound.

Fold Items in Bundles

For outfits that can be worn together, folding them together has multiple benefits. First, it makes sense organizationally. You can simply pull out the correct bundle and it will contain everything that you need to wear. Additionally, the thicker padding and more rounded edges help to prevent wrinkles, unlike folding each piece individually.

Roll, Dont Fold

When bundles dont make sense for you and you need to pack individual clothing items, roll them up rather than fold them into squares. This will minimize wrinkles, save space, and make it easier to find the items that you need. When you need them, you can simply hunt for the right colors, unroll them, and they will be ready to go.

Bring a Wrinkle-Releasing Mist or Spray

If your clothing items do incur some wrinkles along the way, a simple wrinkle-releasing spray should do the trick. A few sprays and a few pulls on the wrinkled area can work wonders for clothes. For deeper wrinkles, many hotels have irons and ironing boards available as well as laundry and dry cleaning services. Plan ahead to ensure there are no rushes. As soon as you get to the place you will be staying, unpack the more important and essential items and hang them up on hangers.

Specialized Garment Packing Containers

Of course, everyone has those special garments to which the rules dont apply. Your wedding dress, suits, dresses, coats, blouses, and other, nicer garments wont roll or travel nearly as well as T-shirts or shorts. In these cases, it is much better to get special carriers or shipping containers. Avoiding wrinkles and protecting your clothing are the main focuses of these types of containers, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your clothing is safe and sound. Wardrobe packing doesnt have to be a nightmare, and enlisting help when you need it can simplify the process.

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How to Pack Your Wardrobe to Avoid Dreaded Wrinkles }


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