Free Business Zone Advantage For Warehousing And Logistics

Free Business zone- Advantage for warehousing and logistics



BVC group which carry all types of international custom clearances and

door to door courier services

. Any item of your choice in a far off country and you want it to be a part of your dream home or your company for which

Best service for customs clearance

is required they provide speedy and hassle-free clearances of the cargo through Indian Customs Department. They bear the documentations work for imports and exports and ensure smooth functioning to deliver error-free documents. These people have specialization in clearing the machines there spare parts and are profound in handling the raw materials required under the criteria of EPCGContinuing the discussion further we would discuss the envisaged benefits

The envisaged benefits if they decide to import from India.

Flexibility to clear cargo in part consignments (unlike in the case in other Container Freight Station (CFS)/ International Container Depot (ICDs) thus allowing flexibility towards consumption/end distribution duty deferment benefits (exempting from working capital and lowering down costs) de-stuffing and stuffing of cargo from shipping line containers into other containers for avoiding Shipping Line detention charges and customized delivery. The same good can also be kept in the go down within FTWZ at much lower price as compared to detention price that bugs users. Some of the envisaged benefits for imports into India are listed as given below:

?To have Quality control prior to duty payment, hence no duty to be paid on rejected items

?To Exempt SAD, VAT & CST on imports through FTWZ Service

?To exempt tax for Handling & Transportation of containers from Port to FTWZ


?To have availability of state-of-the-art Container Storage Yard with Superb Safety, Hazardous Storage and Maintenance and Repair Facilities within the FTWZ with Service Tax Exemption

?To have Free foreign exchange transaction capability for the services rendered including CY/Container Freight Station services.

The given activities are exempted from service tax as well as any purchases of packaging raw items, labels and the like from DTA into the FTWZ would be treated as exports from such suppliers.

The company famous for prompt delivery in their Door to door courier services and customs clearance in India They also have a wing of

international tours and travels

which specialises both in corporate as well as personal tours gives envisaged benefits for exporters from India.

The various Envisaged Benefits for Exports from country

Few of the envisaged benefits for exports from India are listed as below

?Company stuffed containers entering the FTWZ are treated as deemed export providing immediate export benefits

?For Local Tax Exemption (e.g. CST, Sales Tax, Excise & VAT) on all activities conducted inside the FTWZ

?An Increased efficiency through lowered reverse logistics activities through quality control before dispatch from India

?Some Lowering back to town costs with better aggregation and consolidation

? To Facilitate accumulation of with other clients of the FTWZ for cost optimization via last mile distribution

?Conducting Value addition services can be provided like labeling, packing, kitting, bar-coding , palletization and other authorized services with all fiscal and regulatory benefits

?Availability of state-of-the-art Container Storage Yard with world class safety, hazardous storage, maintenance and repair facilities within the FTWZ with service tax exemption

The various envisaged benefits for Re-Exports from the country

Some of the envisaged advantages for re-exports using FTWZ are as given below

?To exempt Income tax on all profits gained via re-exports activity by the FTWZ

?Tension-free re-export process by routing cargo through FTWZ integrated with ICD/CFS services

?Ability to leverage India s cost, and have advantage of skills of the people and also the geographic positioning of the country which can turn out to be a bigger hub for regional/global distribution post value addition things

?Exemption on service tax levied on services which are availed by routing containers through FTWZ integrated with ICD/CFS services

?Allowing 100% FDI for the set-up of units by the unit holder of the FTWZ

?The Value addition services as described below can be provided with all fiscal and regulatory benefits

?It would include various value-added services which can be done in the FTWZ are packing, re-pacing, applying labels, re-labeling, applying straps, refurbishment, crating, carbonization, fumigation, choking, lashing, tagging, shrink / stretch / bubble wrapping, palletization, bagging, re-bagging, quality assurance, kitting, de-kitting, sorting assorting, making combination pack, consolidation, agglomeration, washing, cleaning, processing, repairs & maintenance, CKD/SKD assembly, bottling, blending, cutting, polishing, painting, coating, filming, re-sizing, splitting, threading, coupling and the like.

Thus, FTWZs are comprehensive infrastructure required for improving India s container volumes and enabling Importers-Exporters efficiently and cost effectively carry warehousing, trading and value addition activities.

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