When To Get A Construction Permit In Hollywood, Fl

byAlma Abell

In the case of building, renovating or simply updating, it is better to be safe than sorry. Some homeowners take on the attitude that they can do whatever they want to with their property and if the city requires permits or inspections they can have them done if they are caught. Understanding that if you are indeed in violation of building on your property without the proper Construction Permit in Hollywood, FL you may be in deeper trouble than just paying a few fines.

In some cases, when a construction job has been completed without the proper documentation on file with the city or other governing boards, fines are the just the start of the homeowner’s problems. In some instances, if the permits were not obtained the site may be forced back to its original make-up before consideration of other jobs are taken. What’s worse, is that if there is a home loan on the property, the financial institution may find you in default of your mortgage.

Not to scare off a homeowner to maintaining or upgrading their home, but there are proper ways to getting a Construction Permit in Hollywood, FL so that everyone is protected. It does not take much to get a permit. There are a few steps and some costs involved but it is worth the planning to do it right the first time. If you wonder if your current job on the home requires a permit, it is better to ask. As a general rule any updating of the mechanical, building, electrical or construction of the home is being done a permit is required. What that means is that a simple job like window replacement requires a permit but painting or changing the wallpaper does not.

There is no need to worry in pulling a permit for your job site. If it is just a step that you are not comfortable with there are companies like Your Permit Solution that will handle the paperwork for you. Contractors, agents or homeowners are allowed to pull the permits as long as their is the appropriate documentation showing the job that is going to be done. Most permits can be applied for and received in one to two business days with obviously bigger, multi-permit jobs taking more time.


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