Three Bird Nest: A Paradigm Of Successful Small Business

Every success story begins with a first step, a seed of imagination that nurtures into something colossal over time. One such narrative of entrepreneurial success is that of Three Bird Nest, a small business that transformed into an e-commerce phenomenon. Steered by the sheer devotion and brilliance of founder Alicia Shaffer, the brand specializes in women’s bohemian apparel and accessories.

Three Bird Nest’s journey begins in the quiet town of Livermore, California. Its founder, Alicia Shaffer, a mother of three children, decided to turn her passion for creating headbands, scarves, and other unique apparel into a business. The brand gets its unique name from the Shaffer family symbol – a representation of a mother bird protecting her nest.

What sets Three Bird Nest apart from numerous fashion brands is not just the unique, handcrafted items they offer, but also the genuine love and dedication that goes into each product. Their philosophy revolves around craftsmanship and beauty, with every product designed to be a little escape from the everyday chaos and a beautiful addition to women’s wardrobes worldwide.

Shaffer started her entrepreneurial journey from Etsy in 2011, where the brand’s popularity skyrocketed in just a few years. It quickly became one of Etsy’s most successful shops, earning the founder the title of ‘Etsy’s Richest seller.’ However, in the pursuit of growth and sustainability, Shaffer decided to move away from Etsy and established her website instead – an e-commerce platform exclusively dedicated to Three Bird Nest.

In a move that reflects her entrepreneurial spirit, Shaffer took the audacious decision to buy Business Pleasure Co. This was a strategic acquisition to expand her product line and leverage Business Pleasure Co.’s expertise in the premium lifestyle goods space while maintaining Three Bird Nest’s delightfully bohemian aesthetics.

The ‘buy business pleasure co’ move demonstrated Shaffer’s commitment to her passion and her intelligent approach to business. Acquiring an established brand allowed Three Bird Nest to further cater to its customer’s needs with additional diverse products, but with the same individuality and uniqueness that the brand stood for.

Today, Three Bird Nest continues its successful journey, with hundreds of new and unique products added each week. They have also expanded their physical presence with a flagship boutique in Livermore. The brand stays committed to handmade, unique creations, upholding the mantra of ‘Quality over Quantity.’

Shaffer’s success with Three Bird Nest serves as inspiration for other aspiring women entrepreneurs. Her story illustrates that with a strategic mind, unwavering dedication, and a willingness to take risks, one can turn their passion into a profitable and satisfying business.

Three Bird Nest thus stands as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship; a brand born of a mother’s love and perseverance. Fueled by passion, it rose to become an inspiring symbol of success in the e-commerce world, offering a valuable lesson in achieving your dreams.


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