The Benefits Of Team Sports For Children

By Kadence Buchanan

While it’s been long known that children can benefit physically from participating in team sports, few realize the psychological benefits associated with enrolling their child in team sports that they enjoy. The importance of physical activity such as team sports is at an all-time high due to the fact that many of our children are now overweight. Studies show that currently, only one out of four adolescent children participated regularly in any type of organized physical activity. This statistic is frightening to hear considering that the number of obese adolescents in America has nearly tripled in the past 20 years. In 1980, 5% of all adolescents were overweight. A study conducted in 1999 showed that a shocking 14% of all adolescents now have a weight problem.

Exercise has been shown to help many problems when it comes to both the physical and the mental well-being in participants. People that are enrolled on sports teams burn calories by exercising, helping to ward off any weight problems that may be present. Exercise is known to aid insomnia, depression, and low self-esteem, which is important in the world of today where many children feel inadequate due to all the perfection displayed by the media. Regular physical activity also helps the body to manage stress; alertness and a calm attitude are trademarks of a physically fit individual, which can help them to get through stressful times with a minimum of difficulty. A study conducted by the Women’s Sports Foundation found that adolescents that were regularly involved in teen sports were less likely to engage in sexual activity until later in life than those who were not in team sports. Also, teens on sport teams were found to be less likely to use drugs than their non-playing counterparts, and were less likely to be involved in abusive relationships. In addition, the students involved in sports had a higher chance of graduating high school and college.


The benefits and rewards associated with setting goals and following through on a sports team are innumerable, and can be clearly seen in the results portrayed in this article. For that reason, it is important for adults to encourage their children to be involved in some type of team sport. While the actual context of the sport can vary greatly, simply being on the team and physically exerting themselves can cause your child to lead a happier, healthier life. The physical and mental benefits associated with team sports are simply too shocking to ignore.

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