Pet Medical Treatment In Alexandria, Va Can Relieve Your Pet’s Suffering From Allergies

byAlma Abell

Could your dog or cat have allergies? Pets don’t have the same allergic reactions that humans do, although they can be allergic to many of the same things. When a dog starts licking and chewing on his feet in the fall, it might be a ragweed allergy. In the spring, constant licking and rubbing might indicate a pollen allergy. A pet who spends most of their time in the house could develop an allergy to dust mites. Food allergies are quite common. As pets get older, the symptoms may worsen.

Allergy Symptoms

It’s fairly common for pet lovers to mistake their pet’s constant chewing or scratching for something else. If the allergy isn’t diagnosed, then treating only the symptom will not bring a permanent cure. Successfully managing a pet’s allergy can be frustrating.


Common allergy symptoms include:

1. Chewing and licking the feet, side or groin area;2. Face rubbing;3. Constant itching and possible hair loss;4. Chronic ear infections;5. Tiny facial scabs on cats or hot spots on dogs;6. Respiratory problems and wheezing, especially in cats.

Diagnosing Allergies

The veterinarian may be able to diagnose the probable

allergen after conducting a physical exam and taking a complete history. If not, the next pet medical treatment in Alexandria VA would be a skin test similar to the skin tests that are used to diagnose allergies in humans.

If a food allergy is suspected, the vet weeks, individual foods can be added one at a time until the one(s) causing the allergic symptoms has been identified. One indication of a possible food allergy would be skin infections that respond well to antibiotics, but then return when the treatment has ended.


Treatment depends on the allergen. Removing it from the pet’s environment may be necessary. Weekly bathing with prescription shampoos can alleviate itching. Some dogs benefit from allergy injections or other pet medical treatment in Alexandria VA. An epi-pen may be prescribed if a pet has had a severe allergic reaction.

The Hayfield Animal Hospital offers preventive care, dental care, grooming, surgical procedures and diagnostics. Whatever your pet’s problem, including allergies, they understand how important your pet is to you. Visit their website at to learn more.


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