Insurance Attorney Related Questions And Answers}

Insurance Attorney Related Questions and Answers


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Do you think you could benefit from hiring an insurance attorney? If so, you may find the following questions and answers to be quite useful.

What sort of problems might be solved by hiring an insurance attorney?

An insurance attorney can help with nearly all of your insurance claim problems. More specifically:

A delayed insurance claim – Its not uncommon for insurance companies to drag their feet when it comes time to payout. The problem is, waiting around for ridiculously long periods of time can really put you in a bind. For example, if your home is damaged during a hurricane, you cant afford to just let it sit with water inside. You need to pay someone quick to come in and remedy the situation or else face risking further damage. That said, you need your claim to be paid quickly so you can pay the contractor who does the work for you.

A denied insurance claim – Maybe your insurance claim got flat out denied. This could happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases you may have actually done something to disqualify yourself from receiving compensation. In others the insurance company may be acting unfairly. Either way, an insurance attorney will let you know your rights. And if you have a case, theyll fight for you until you get what you deserve.

An underpaid insurance claim – Other times your insurance company may actually pay your claim, but they wont pay you enough. Perhaps they arent paying you enough to receive the medical treatments your condition requires. Or maybe they only want to replace a small portion of your damaged home when in fact you know very well that you need to do double the work. By visiting an insurance attorney, they can help you determine what your real payout should be and then make sure that you have a fighting chance at receiving it.

What if my claim issue has nothing to do with property damage?

Many insurance companies dont only handle property damage claims. Instead, they often handle all sorts of insurance claims. Sure you might consider looking for someone who specializes in situations similar to yours, but as a general rule, an insurance attorney could also handle:

Life insurance claims

Health insurance claims

Uninsured motorist claims

ERISA claims

Of course the list isnt all inclusive. Your best bet is to give your chosen insurance attorney a call and find out about what services he offers.

Where should I look for an insurance attorney?

Searching online is a great way to find a reputable insurance attorney. Just search for the keyword insurance attorney and youll be sure to have plenty of options. Start from the top of the search page and work your way down, carefully studying each attorneys websites. Look for:

Many years of experience

A good track record

Someone who is easy to reach

Positive client reviews

If you come across an insurance attorney who meets all of those criteria, hire him quickly. Hes your best bet at getting your fully paid insurance claim.

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