Improving Your Management Skills

Submitted by: Low Jeremy

For most, managing people can be hard. But you’ll be surprised how some individuals seem to have better management skills than others. Is it a gift? Do they have secrets? Are they born to be a leader? How are they able to manage effectively?

We often hear that leaders are not born; they are made. But how exactly are they made is not the topic of our discussion. What we are about to discuss are some tips that will improve your management skills. Some may sound a bit too obvious, but that’s the point. More often than not, positive management skills are just doing the obvious things. So why are we not effective? Simple. We ignore it. Let’s just see the things you should have done to become an effective business manager.

Lead by example. We often hear this phrase, but what exactly does it mean? If you ask your employees to work overtime, be there too. Also, do not be the first person rushing to the door at five in the afternoon. Even if company policy allows that you should fly first-class, do not use this privilege if your employees are flying coach on the same plane. Good impression is made when managers do not consume all the privileges in front of the latter. Consequently, management skills are improved by simply being more attached to your employees.

Do not point fingers. Not because your employee screws up doesn’t mean you drag him or her to hell. Okay, he screws up but you are still responsible. Blaming your employee for the mistake he or she makes is less productive, more expensive for the company, less dignified on your part, and is not helpful in improving your management skills, than figuring out a way to fix the problem.


Move your people. Designating task to your employees without giving yourself a fair share of things to do will certainly leave a negative impression. Do not allow them to see that you are comfortably seated in your office chair thinking how to improve your handicap, while they scramble to finish your deadline.

S.M.A.R.T. is still smart. Speaking of deadlines, the goals set for you and others should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. This is a proven method to improve your management skills.

Tell them what do to and not how to do it. People become more productive, more efficient, and more creative if they think of ways to execute given task and not just following instructions. Plus they get the sense of ownership and positive attitude toward work if they know they can work without excessive supervision.

Delegate easy tasks. Being a manager is a luxury in some ways, but it is more of a responsibility. Reserve difficult tasks for you to do. This is how you will grow and improve your management skills.

Communicate properly. One of the most important management skills that you must develop is your communication. How you communicate with your employees can determine their production and attitude at work. If you are not giving instructions very well, they may do things different from your expectation, or if you are poorly handling your communication skills, they may even ignore you.

Be the MVP. Your team should be better, more productive, more motivated, and more effective with you than they would be if you were not. If they are as productive or more productive without you, what’s the reason for keeping you around?

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