How To Become A Virtual Receptionist

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To begin, you need to familiarize yourself with the virtual answering service industry. Many live receptionist service companies serve a variety of different types of businesses, so a general understanding of how major industries work would come in handy.

To land a live receptionist service job, start by putting together a resume focused on any customer-service oriented positions you have had. A large portion of office answering services jobs focus squarely on meeting the needs of the customers on the other end of the line. Potential employers will want to see how you interact with clients over the phone and what kind of problem-solving and message-taking skills you possess for your answering message service position.


Next, when you are interviewing for an answering message service job, be as specific as possible in terms of how you will handle potential calls. While much of the time, you will simply be taking messages for the live telephone answering service, there are times where answering message service customers will give you problems and you may have to put your conflict resolution skills to the test. Potential live receptionist service employers will want to know during the interviewing process how you would handle such situations.

Once you land a job with an office answering service, you are supposed to adhere to the policies of the answering services company. There are several types of clients requiring varying levels of services and information, that is, virtual answering services are customizable. On one part, companies request only basic information like names, dates, phone numbers and addresses. While, on the other hand, more detail oriented clients have specific needs that needs to be addressed while answering calls on their behalf. These requests are put under forms that provide the virtual assistant with a group of instructions that are required to be followed while attending a call. In some instances, you will be required to change the line of seeking information according to the responses to the caller, and this is where the true skills of a desirable virtual assistant helps him or her accomplish the tasks and obtain information in a pleasant manner without distracting the caller.

The information provided in your message needs to be accurate, concise and most importantly — correct. This is a huge tenant of a virtual answering service operator as people are making their callback decisions based on your notes.

Being a virtual receptionist is not a low-stress profession, as one would like to think, and it requires you to be pleasant all day long, under sever circumstances. Remember, no two personalities are alike, and the major problem with the virtual receptionist industry is that we receive all types of calls from callers with varying level of excitement and hypertension levels. For instance, a doctor s answering service is supposed to attend calls of intense negative energy levels, possibly from relatives of patients who are experiencing life and death situations. They wouldn t sound sweet and sober, and as a virtual assistant, you are required to mop up all the relevant information in as little time frame as possible, without being too touchy or rude. However, this can easily be mastered with the right training, patience and desire to learn. The live receptionist service industry is peppered with people from all lifestyles and offers a number of advancement and educational opportunities for those that are looking to turn a virtual receptionist job into a full-fledged career.

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