Breathing Problems Corrected By A Nose Job Information On Rhinoplasty

Breathing Problems Corrected By a Nose Job – Information on Rhinoplasty


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Every year many people undergo a nose job or rhinoplasty procedure to correct imperfections in their appearance. However, another reason that an individual has a nose job is to correct breathing problems. Breathing problems plague many people and it can cause them years of distress and trouble sleeping. Many people consider a rhinoplasty after years of suffering. Here are some common breathing problems that a nose job can fix.


Middle Vault Collapse A middle vault collapse is when there is a pinching in the middle third of the nose or the internal valves have collapsed. This is normally due to an accident, tumor, or birth defect. However, for an insurance company to consider this a medical necessity you must meet certain criteria such as difficulty breathing through the nose or breathing obstruction through any one nostril is greater than 50 percent, a nasal deformity that can be documented in pictures and the breathing problem cannot be caused by an internal problem. Deviated Septum A common problem that many have is a deviated septum which causes difficulty breathing. The septum is the wall of cartilage and bone that separates the nostrils. When a person has a deviated septum it means that the cartilage is crooked or off center which can cause difficulty breathing as well as interfere with sleeping. Some other problems that a deviated septum causes are frequent sinus infections, nosebleeds, and nasal congestion. Undergoing a nose job can often correct this problem as well as any cosmetic appearances that you may want to improve. Birth Defect Some people are also born with defects that cause them to have difficulty breathing. Some of these defects include an asymmetrical nose shape or deviation of cartilage. Undergoing a nose job or rhinoplasty may help alleviate any breathing problems that could affect the circulatory system.

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Breathing Problems Corrected By a Nose Job – Information on Rhinoplasty


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