Bangkok Capitol Of Thailand And Facelift Surgery

Bangkok Capitol of Thailand and Facelift Surgery



The new buzz phrase going around Cosmetic Surgery and Facelift patients these days is Medical Tourism! The destination of choice is the capitol of Thailand, The Land Of Smiles Bangkok. With its internationally accredited hospitals and highly experienced surgeons thousands of patients worldwide have discovered Bangkok for their Cosmetic and especially facelift surgery needs. Aside from the prices being half or more of the cost in other countries Thailand s resorts aren t a bad place to recuperate after your surgery!

With the inevitable process of aging, the effects of exposure to the sun, life s daily stresses and gravity all starting to take their toll, the face is the first place that will show the signs. With deep creases now forming between the mouth and nose, the jaw line starting to develop jowls and become slack with accumulating fat deposits forming around the neck, facelift surgery will help to correct these issues. Traditional facelift surgery is recommended for both men and women s faces that have begun to sag but with the skin still retaining some elasticity and a well-defined bone structure will see positive results.


There are several facelift procedures that can provide the patient with new fresher look along with improving self esteem. However facelift surgery will not give you a completely different look or restore the vitality of your youth. The best first step is think carefully before deciding to undergo a facelift procedure and discuss with your surgeon what you expect when finished. Consult with your doctor which of the several techniques like the traditional facelift, the thread lift or the non-surgical Acculift would be best suited for your needs.

The traditional facelift otherwise known as a Rhytidectomy won t stop the process of aging, but will set the clock of time back by ameliorating the more visible signs of age with the removal of excess fat, tightening underlying muscle tissue and re-stretching the loose skin of your neck and face.

The Thread Lift procedure is a less evasive technique that can be done in a doctor s office with a relatively short period of recovery. The thread lift is much less involved as with the traditional facelift taking a longer time period for recovery, but with longer lasting and more noticeable results. Some patients however with a busier lifestyle or are uncomfortable with a more involved procedure will prefer this less invasive technique with it s shorter down time even though the results are subtle.

The new advanced Acculift procedure is an advanced rejuvenation technique that incorporates the use of the Acculift 1444 Laser. This is a non-surgical approach and is performed as an outpatient option as well. More suited for the patient that wants a faster, much less evasive option with long lasting results and a very minimal recuperation period.

The specialized experts at are available when it comes to all variations of facelift procedures and cosmetic surgery. With Medical Tourism becoming the new trend for facelifts and Bangkok, Thailand being the place of choice let the staff at make all your travel arrangements and surgical plans for your trip to Thailand and what ever type of facelift surgery you may require. Please contact with any questions or concerns about your trip to the Land Of Smiles . It s time to transform yourself back to the younger self you deserve!

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