Atv In Marana – Various Types Of All Terrain Vehicles And Their Uses


ATVs are also referred to as quads. There are various types of ATVs that can be used for generic to specific purposes. If you are in the market for an ATV in Marana, Arizona, the following will discuss the different types and their purposes.


• Utility – Most often found in rural areas, the utility quads are work horses designed for farming, ranching, hunting, and other utility tasks. They can be equipped with special, task-related accessories, making them functional for hauling, towing, transporting food for livestock, snow plowing, and any other task that requires an ATV with a larger engine. Keep in mind these vehicles don’t have the power of a work truck. They are designed for smaller work tasks. The Honda Four Trax Rancher 4×4 is an example of a utility all terrain vehicle.

• Sport ATVs – The sports ATV is the most lightweight of all quads. This is what makes it faster and more agile than most other types of all terrain vehicles. They are probably the most popular among quad owners and are used most often for recreation or racing where it’s allowed. These ATVs are leaner, meaner, faster, and more agile than any other quad. The TRX models by Honda are examples of sports quads.

These are the three main types of ATVs you can find at your local dealer. Another type you may find there includes youth models for children. You should also find accessories, apparel, and other parts and supplies in inventory for your ATV needs. Musselman’s Honda Center provides a huge inventory of ATV models as well as parts, services, and accessories.