3 Golf Course Quality Lawn Tips

3 Golf Course Quality Lawn Tips


David Bryce

Ever driven by a golf course and were immediately impressed with the quality of the green? Golf course professionals are capable of making some truly spectacular things happen when they put their able hands to the course. Getting your own home lawn to look the same doesn\’t have to be a pipe dream. Below are five spectacular tips to getting your lawn in the same shape as that course your eyes have been pining over for the last five years. With these tips in hand, you can put the age old idiom to rest and say to yourself, \”the grass truly is greener on the other side.\”

First things first, let\’s start with the essentials. A well looked-after lawn will always follow a strict mowing regime. Keeping your lawn a luscious emerald green relies heavily on how often and how well you are cutting and mowing it. One thing that is almost always overlooked, is the quality of the blades on the mower. Chances are, you have owned the same mower your whole adult life. Over time, the blades on these mowers can become dull and lose their effectiveness. When blades become dull like this, they begin to cut the grass in odd ways that the manufacturer had not intended. Being but with these dull blades opens up your lawn to a host of problems, such as (yes they exist) grass diseases and even weeds.


The next great tip and one that really makes your lawn pop to neighbors or anyone who happens to be driving by is the way in which you go about cutting it. If you were like me before you knew any better, you probably had a practiced route on how to cut your grass, much like the same way you\’d drive to work in the morning. Well, in order to get that really great depth and criss-cross effect, switch it up. This can often translate into a few more minutes spent on the lawn but the end result is well worth the effort. To achieve this, start by going over your lawn, let\’s say from left to right on the first pass through. Once you have made your way through the lawn in this way, switch it up and give it one more run through, but this time going across your lawn in an up and down motion. The end result will give your lawn a really interesting patterned look.

The last tip and perhaps the most important has to do with the length. When cutting your lawn, never go too short. A lawn that is clipped too short, while may looking clean and sharp, can cause a host of problems that will come to bite you in the bud. Lawns that are cut too short are more susceptible to drying out, sun damage and stunted growth. The best rule of thumb when cutting your lawn is to never remove more than a third of it at any given time. Applying this simple ratio to your cutting methods can really help on giving your lawn that healthy, green glow.

Getting your lawn to look professionally taken care of does not have to translate to a ton of time and money spent. Just imply these three simple rules and your lawn can also look just like some of the best


courses around.

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