Mobile App With Gps Tracking To Keep You Safe

Mobile App with GPS Tracking to Keep You Safe



Mobile phones, when discovered were considered somewhat bulky and inconvenient equipment; but time has passed and these mobiles phones and other gadgets have start spreading their footprints in the communication technology. Telecom companies has started making certain modification in mobile phones and introduced many user friendly features that makes them a very handy and become a must have accessory for everyone. Started with calling and messaging features, these cell phones start coming with many other features like camera, calculator, internet, etc.

This development of communication technology has then surpassed the sole ability to track others when they are mobile. This tracking system brought revolution in the telecom industry as this enables an individual to track any when his loved one is outside. These day it becomes a necessity for so many people like parents can track their child when he is outside or lost somewhere. This tracking system also helps security authorities in finding their caller. Moreover, it s is necessity for a person who is in emergency and need to be rescued immediately. This tracking feature comes as a blessing in disguise.


Mobile tracking is only possible with GPS feature in the phone. This GPS basically stands for Global Positioning Tracking which is space based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information anywhere on earth. In recent years, all mobile phones which have been launched in the market have this GPS tracking feature in it. And in order to track anyone or any location, its mandate for a user to turn on his GPS settings.

This system s geographical position might be accurate sometime and sometimes estimates; that depends on the efficiency and signal availability for mobile s GPS receiver. Giving the advance shape to this GPS tracking feature, a lot of company has now development many mobile application that keeps a person safe and connected to their loved one when they are outside. With the emerging need of personal safety and to leverage the technology at advanced level, many companies have developed personal safety mobile application that allows an individual to raise SOS alert and notify their friends, family and security authorities about their emergency situation and get help immediately.

Eyewatch is one such personal safety mobile application that sends multiple alerts to your loved ones with the press of a button.

As per the situation, one can press relevant panic button and then this safety app will notify their trusted contacts via SMS, email & auto call about their situation. Not only this, your trusted contacts can also view your current location and audio-visual information of situation by simply using the code which they received in the SMS on the website.

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